Business Hours: We operate Monday – Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm EST . 

Weekly Monday Updates: Each Monday (non-US holidays) your shop will get a report with updates from the team and the data from your campaigns. If you have any questions about the report, please reply back to the report email. We try to give you a solid update here with good information. Remember that we are constantly looking at the lead cost and your numbers. If it’s slow, we already know about it and are on top of it. 

Urgent Requests and Questions: Email and we will respond within 1 business day. Requests late in the day will be responded to the next business day. Below we’ll go over some FAQs and where you can reach us for those questions. 

Weekly “Quick Calls”: We have open slots in 20-minute increments each week. If there is something outside of email support that you need to speak with us about, grab a spot here. It’s only 20 minutes and not meant to review your campaign. We will do that on the Quarterly Zoom Meeting. We also give you an update each Monday on your campaign and you can always reach us through email support. But if you need to speak with us, you can on this call.  

You can book one of those calls here -> Please do not grab a time slot each week as they are limited.

Monthly Training: Each month we will hold a monthly training on a specific topic. The biggest problem we see with shops is sales and follow-ups. A lot of these will be focused on following up, using the CRM, and getting the most you can out of any lead that is coming into the system. It will be live on Zoom and you’ll be free to ask questions. This is only for our clients. You are free to invite team members within your company but please do not invite any outside companies to these calls. 

Quarterly Zoom Meeting: Once a quarter we can schedule a call to review your campaign and goals. These will take place in December, March, June, and September. We will reach out to schedule these during the specific week of those months. This is where we talk about your goals and strategy. Campaigns need time to run and we can’t change the strategy every month. But we can on a quarterly basis. 

Support Outside of Email and the Weekly Zoom CallsWe do not have phone or text support. Email is the best and fastest way to cascade questions and concerns to our team’s designated experts on SEO, PPC, CRM, Web Design, etc.

Email urgent or private questions/matters, grab a “Quick Call”, and then we can review your campaign in detail on the quarterly call.


Website Edits: For minor picture or copy edits 2-3 business days. Major edits 5-10 business days.

Facebook Ads: New or ad edits 4-7 business days. Typically we launch new ads every 5-6 weeks. 

Google Ads: New or ad edits 4-7 business days. We do weekly optimizations and then major tweaks every 4-6 weeks.

Content Edits: Content edits 2-3 business days. We write content in the current month we are in and then post it the next month. 

CRM Edits: Simple CRM edits 2-3 business days. Major edits 5-10 business days.


Repeat after me. WE HAVE YOUR BACK AND WATCH YOUR CAMPAIGN A FEW TIMES A WEEK. Please understand that we are in your accounts each week and looking at what is good and bad.

Leads can be good one week, and bad the next. It’s how marketing works. Around slow times you will see a slowdown. Usually, we will wait it out a week, and then if it continues we are on it and creating new ads.

You can email us about this but remember, we are already looking at your account each week so we know your leads are slow. We have no control over the economy so you will see slow times throughout the year.

The reason we are moving to these instead of phone calls is because we are a small company and want to stay that way. The more we hire, the more we have to raise our prices and we do not want to do that. There aren’t many marketing companies you can hire at our prices and where they will build you a website, help with some SEO/Google maps, have access to a killer CRM and get project leads from ads! 

But we know sometimes you need to chat. They will happen over a call or Zoom and are only for 20 minutes. 95% of questions we get from clients can be handled through email. 

They are “Quick” because you only have 20 minutes tops. These are booked back to back and other clients will have slots that come after you. If you call us during the week, we will direct you to book a “Quick Call.”

Please do not book a call each week with us. Repeat offenders will be banned from future “Quick Calls!” (We are just kidding but we actually aren’t! 🙂 )  

Ideas are great! But not every week. 🙂 Please email us any ideas or feel free to grab a “Quick Call.” We can also review new strategy on the quarterly call. We’re not able to change strategy each month as it will negatively hurt your marketing campaign.

Easy peasy, we can get these done for you quickly. Email us for this and the team will get to it. Turn around times for smaller website edits are 2-3 business days. If you send us 100 pictures to upload to the gallery, that’s a bigger task and will be around 5-10 business days.
Not easy peasy but not brain surgery! Email us and the team will get to it. Turn around times for these types of edits are 5-10 business days.

Yes and no for this one. We don’t handle daily social media posting for shops. Email us anything you want posted. We can train one of your team members on how to schedule out posts in the CRM. It’s very easy to do and is a great add to your marketing! If you are in a pinch then email us and we can help get it posted. 

Email us your ideas and we will talk about it internally if it makes sense to try something new. If it doesn’t we will be brutally honest (we always are) and will tell you that it’s not a great idea. The quarterly call is where we can change direction if you want and talk about your strategy.
Not a problem! Email us the details and we’ll get them added! This is minor and only takes 2-3 business days.
Yes we can. We can help with both but these are major edits. These types of edits take 5-10 business days.
Great! We can spend your money. 🙂 Or at least Facebook and Google will. Email us your idea on the budget increase and we will review where to spend that money. Or just send it directly to Stephen Alberts and his family will spend it very quickly on Amazon!

A few things can be happening here. Either you ran out of budget for the day (if you have a budget of $30/day and clicks are $5/click and you got 6 clicks, Google will not show your ads until tomorrow) or you are searching out of business hours. We don’t run your ads on Google outside of business hours. We tested this and it will save you money.

Great question and that’s why we send out a weekly report! Check it out and we will fill you in on each aspect of your campaign.
Not a problem, send them on over in email and we will work on implementing them into your campaigns.
Your friend’s nephew is probably a very nice person but also probably has no idea what they are talking about! Trust us in that we know what we are doing.
Ignore them! We get emails each day with people trying to sell us things. 99% of the time it’s complete BS. Actually 99.9% of the time it is.
Oh no! Just kidding. 99% of the time this is BS as well. Don’t click any links, forward it to us and we will take a look.
There is nothing wrong about looking at the competition but don’t sweat it. Email us the details and we’ll give you honest feedback.

REMEMBER: We always have the best interests in mind for your company. If for some reason you are not happy, reach out and we can talk about it. But if the leads are slow, there could be many reasons. 

  • Slow time of year
  • The economy
  • Competition is kicking it up a notch
  • Your ads need to be changed up (remember we are on this so you don’t have to worry about it)

Countertops are not a need, they are a want. If the economy is slow and times are tough, you will see a slowdown. If Christmas is tomorrow, most likely you will see a slowdown! SUPER IMPORTANT!!! You need to follow up with each lead as much as you possibly can. Because if it’s slow, each lead matters that much more! 

Proactive VS Reactive

We are a proactive marketing agency where we like to get ahead of things. That’s the reason for the weekly reports and audits of your campaign. If a week is slow, it might just be the week. But if 2 weeks are slow we are on it. If we react to each week like the world might end, your marketing campaign will be a complete mess.